What am I missing? CHKDSK /R adding zeros

Hello everyone.

Reading from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314835/en-us

"When CHKDSK finds an unreadable sector, NTFS adds the cluster that contains that sector to its list of bad clusters. If the bad cluster is in use, CHKDSK allocates a new cluster to do the job of the bad cluster. If you are using a fault-tolerant disk, NTFS recovers the bad cluster's data and writes the data to the newly allocated cluster. Otherwise, the new cluster is filled with a pattern of 0xFF bytes."

I had a file that had a bad cluster and I understand it is corrupted and am not trying to get it back or anything like that.

My question is, when I open the file in a hex editor, the bytes in the new cluster consist of 00 and not the FF I had expected after reading the Microsoft support page?

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  1. The sector may be marked as bad in the MFT, not necessarily the file itself since the sector is bad and can't be written to.
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