Long Beep - HD 5850

I tried everything before writing this one :D

So I just finished putting my new rig together, X4 955 / 890gx mobo

I'm running into a slight problem which I believe may have to do with the video card. I put the video card on the pci slot 2, put the vga card provided by asus on pci slot 1 (as recommended) but I get a no-ending beeeeeeeeeppppppppp while the computer goes to the BIOS menu.

I took the video card off and plug the monitor on the default video on the mobo and it worked (except I didn't hear one beep as I read I was supposed to hear...)

So... Shall I install the OS update everything and only after installing the HD 5850? Or what advice can someone give me?

Thank you
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  1. Did you plug in the two 6 pin plugs?
  2. There's a 8 pin and and a 6 pin on the video card.

    MY PSU (Artec eartwatts 650W) has a PCI express 8 pin cable which I connected to the card.

    Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Where in the mobo does the 8 pin PCI express cable go?
  4. I solved the video card issue, is up and running but still can't get any sound...

    Is there a connection I'm missing on the mobo?
  5. Did you plug in your speakers? Update the drivers?.

    Turn on the speakers?
  6. Nvm... I'm slow... problem solved thank you :)
  7. :) Notice that shiney "Best Answer Button" ?
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