Graphics card or other problems?


My screen went blue after having new graphics card for 6 months, so restarted computer and it was beeping at me so checked code and was graphics card, so sent it back and it was confirmed faulty, so got another graphics card same spec as previous one, but the computer is beeping with same code saying its graphcs.

Could it be my computer at fault and broke the graphics card or just sent a bad replacement? Whats the best way to check for this?
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  1. Could be your PSU not giving enough juice. What is the videocard?
  2. can you hook your monitor to the motherboard's video out?
  3. GTX260 graphics card and have 630W psu so should be enough power.

    no on board graphics sadly.
  4. Exactly what is the beep code you are hearing?
    Reset CMOS (take mobo battery out, connect jumpers) and start again. test the videocard in a different system. If the videocard is good, consider the breadboard troubleshooting method.

    I had an Intel motherboard put out beep codes for the videocard but the videocard was good. Then the motherboard put out RAM beep codes. Tested the RAM i a different system -good. Through live chat with Intel tech support, diagnosed it as corrupted BIOS, corrupted BIOS chip, RMA'd, got it back, all is well is again.

    Sometimes you can't solely depend on beep codes.
  5. beep code is one long and 3 short, which I had with confirmed faulty card, its just having been sent a replacement card and the replacement card is giving same beep code I wondered if it could be the computer at fault, or could the computer be damaging the graphics card?
  6. Reseat or replace the video card. Or check your current card in another computer.

    What kind of connector are you using to power the GTX 260? Ia it a PCI-E six pin plug or is the adapter that takes 2 molex plugs? If it's an adapter make sure you have two different wires (molexes run off two different rails and not tow molexes from the same "branch" of wires) going into the adapter. I can't techno speak well but do you follow what I'm saying?

    How ols is the PSU? What were you doing before the beep codes started? Were you adding new hardware?
  7. its power is via PCI-E six pin from psu, and the psu is only a year old.

    I was surfing the web with a few pages on the go when the screen went blue, totally blue, so rebooted and got beep code, I tried again and it got as far as login screen then it went blue, rebooted again and only got beep code. Then sent card back and got a replacement card which is also beeping with same code.

    It could just be that my replacement is a dead card, I just wanted to know what other possibilities could be causing the problem, more so if my computer could be breaking them.

    am gonna test it with a 8400 card that I know works tomorrow, so will see if I get the same problem.
  8. Did you change anything in the BIOS specifically the PCI-E bus (videocard slot) speed? Make sure it is set to 100 Mhz. If you "accidentally overclock" the PCI-E bus, it could be killing your videocards.

    BTW, when you try to power up did you notice if the videocard fan spins?
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