Will a (Dell) Creative XtremeMusic sound card work in my system?

I have come across a free sound card from a relative. I got it from him Dell XPS 600. I was in need of a sound card. So I got it.
It is a Creative Sound Blaster Xtreme Music (SB0460). I tried to install it in my system. It does not work. My computer does not even recognize it. There is nothing new in device manger. :fou: The drivers only work when your PC recognizes it. I am assuming this card isn't working because it was meant for a Dell machine? What could be the problem?

Thank you very much!
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  1. Please help me. I know this is the only knowledgeable place I can go to.
  2. Try using third party drivers [Daniel_K].
  3. Thank you for answering. But there is one major problem. It has to detect the piece of hardware in order to install drivers. MY COMPUTER DOES NOT DETECT THE SOUND CARD. I am thinking now, it is a bad PCI slot, or a bad sound card. But please if you feel as though you can help, then by all means HELP!

    Thank you.
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