After months of research, my build may be complete?

Alright, I've been getting advice from tons of people to build my first gaming pc.

I'm getting an i7 930 from microcenter for $200.

The rest of the build is here;

It's all compatible and looks good, right?

I would like to here a last few suggestions before I go blow 1.4k on this baby. The price can't go any higher then what it is right now. And to double check it will all work together fine.

Also, 700w is enough power, right?
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  1. Anybody? I think I'm going to order today.
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    700W will be fine for your build. Only change I would recomend is the HDD - Samsung Spin Point F3 is faster and cheaper drive (1tb in the UK is onl £53.00)

    I used to have a Antec 900... wasnt the best case to cable neatly, but airflow was supreme.

    I hear the 902 is much better with cabling in mind..

    I presume you already have the operating system ?... to make the most of your system you need a 64 bit version.
  3. Even though it's part of a combo don't get the OCZ ram, bad rep.
    Try the g.skill pi series ripjaws 6gb.

    Otherwise everything looks fine.
  4. I was able to switch to the ram you suggested and keep the price the same, only thing I had to change was the graphics card. I switched from the one in my picture to this one;

    Is that alright?
  5. I know alot of people like the sapphires but you actually went up in my opinion. The XFX have a lifetime warranty. So yes that's very alright.

    Personally I'm running a 5850 Xfx black series 1gb.

    edit: Certainly you can get the 2nd factory oc'ed one. Yeah I suppose a second fan is better but it's not really that much of a problem as long as you have sufficient cooling in your case. And yeah you just change some settings in your bios. And I'm sure it comes with instructions on what to change. On a difficulty rating of 1..10... It's like a 1.5.
  6. Oh, I almost forgot; This is another option that I could get for the same price. It says its overclocked a little, so the reviews say I have to do something to the bios to make it run up to what its set at. How hard is that?

    I would rather have this one because of its full casing and fans, but if its difficult to flash the bios I might not want it.
  7. Would you recommend the xfx or the gigabyte card?
  8. Just reading the reviews of the gigabyte one it doesn't seem to be any better. Even with the two fans. So naturally I'd say the XFX because of the lifetime warranty. Then just overclock it yourself.

    Make sure you have ample cooling in your 902 case.
  9. Alright, I'll order it tonight. Thanks :)
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