Wait for bulldozer/AM3+? Intel?

I'm thinking of upgrading from my 6yo pc. I will probably have to wait 6+ years before replacing it. Should I wait for AM3+? Should I go Intel? My goal is to be able to keep my pc running somewhat modern programs, no particularly demanding games, for 6+ yrs. I will be willing to upgrade between machines, as it is much easier to sell my wife on a couple hundred dollar upgrade than a $1000+ machine. I occasionally play games, but this will be mostly an office/internet pc, with some home movie editing and video playback.
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    Can you wait another half a year or so? Because if it's going to be a PC for 6+ years then you'll want to wait for AMD and Intel's new offerings which are around the corner - Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge.
  2. Yes, I will probably have to wait that long or more, unless my pc totally dies. Right now I'm in the process of educating myself more than anything else. It seems that AMD has a lot more flexibility to upgrade, so I'm leaning that way. I don't need to be on the cutting edge, but I'm looking for future support of major revisions: USB 3, SATA 6, PCI-3.
    I'm kind of hoping for pc death, as that will give me an excuse to buy/build a new system!
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