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Hey Folks at Tom's HardWare. Just registered here, I used many reviews from this place from time before, figured I may as well register for this question.

I'm wanting to build a new system this summer after I turn 16, and things get less busy prior, and after that stage. I don't know what my budget will be, but probably $500.00 max. I want to be able to play the newest FPS games that are out, and yet to come out. I'm mainly into the Call of Duty & Battle Field series. There's a new CoD coming out, the 7th one, and I don't imagine it will take much or more than any of the current CoD games. So pretty much, want to be able to play the latest CoD game with 0 lag...thus preparing for the future (I currently have put up with a 2600 single core system my entire gaming era, and that is DEFINITELY a lag challenge for me that I have put up with far too long. Just this money thing comes in at all times I want to do something. And it's not gonna go away any time soon, with me turning 16 soon.

Anyhow, enough story time, I wanna know what's the prime bang for the buck parts out there as of May, 2010? I assume an AMD...Phenom II? That 6 core deal sure is hawt, but a lil pricey...to my surprise very cheap, especially compared to what intel's 6 core WILL be, lol. With that, the 770 motherboards would probably work (the Phenom II x4 and under...not x6) but will that chipset be as good as it is in the next few years?
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  1. Err with gaming and with just $500 on the top of my head you be looking at

    AthlonII X3 400
    785/770 mobo
    HD 5670-5770
    500w Antec/OCZ 80+ certified PSU
    2-4GB DDR3 1333
  2. Monitor resolution?
  3. How much better is a Phenom II to an Athlon II ?

    1024x768 ? i want to get a wide screen, but that's not possible with a budget.
  4. The Phenom is really only a step up, they have a completely different die.
    Basically you can get a same speed gpu (Lets say 3GHz for example) for 10-30 dollars less...
  5. Stripes said:

    1024x768 ? i want to get a wide screen, but that's not possible with a budget.

    Bah @ 1024 x 768 even a lowly HD 4650/9500GT would suffice and you would have lovely times with a HD 5670 and a Rana 440 3ghz LOL
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