Mini pcie ssd for old laptop ?


For various reasons I find myself with two old laptops to boost storage wise.
The idea is to rig them with SSD, not so much for the sequential speed (there are too old to benefit from that) but for the access time: the laptops won't be really faster but subjectively their users will feel like they are (think Word opening quasi instantly...)

So the laptops are an FSC Amilo xi 1546 bought in 2006...
... and a Samsung X15+ bought in 2003 (!)

Both laptops use USB for wireless now so their mini pci-e slots are empty.

Can I reuse the slots for mini pci-e SSD ? And if yes, which mini pci-e ssd should I get ?
I've been googling for this for a while now and I can't find a definite answer.

It's more important for me to find out about the X15+ because since the Amilo can host two sata-1 2.5' drive I have other options for this laptop. But for the X15+, mini pci-e is almost the only option if it works: there are 2.5' PATA SSD but they are really expensive and severely limited by the IDE interface...

Any help would be really appreciated ! :)
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  1. Honestly, even if you could cram the SSD into the mini-pcie slots, the system BIOSes are not likely to recognize the devices. In many older systems, the physical configuration of systems is fairly fixed. The only devices those mini-pcie slots are expected to have are wireless devices.

    You also have a lack of AHCI support to contend with. I would suggest just getting the largest capacity HDDs you can afford and declare success.

    Good luck!
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