My tower computer case fell on its side


I have an AMD Athlon Processor and an ASUS motherboard. The HDD is a 250 GB SATA.

Unfortunately, while cleaning the case, it fell on its side. The power was disconnected, but I am worried the fall might have caused damage somewhere.

The smart utility in Ubuntu indicates that the disk is "healthy", but I'm still concerned.

Does anybody have thoughts on this? Has anyone had their PC fall on its side?
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    Is the PC working.. i mean all parts! If that is the case then i don't think you have any internal problems. Just look for cracks and damages on the case.

    If there are any internal damages and they are not showing now, only time will reveal them! So be patient! :)
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    I am running the PC and it's been working for more than an hour.

    I carefully examined the motherboard surface and didn't notice any cracks.

    Hopefully, nothing's gone wrong.

    I'll update this thread later with whatever experience I have over a period of time.

  3. Nothing should happen, unless its a really hard fall, your CPU/Mobo/PSU/GPU would be fine.

    The only thing I'll worry about is the hard drive, but even then it was off when it happend.
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  5. It's been over fifteen days now, and my computer is working smoothly.

    I don't do any CPU intensive work like games that would reveal hidden problems, but I guess my PC's fine.
  6. Congratulations! And thanks for the vote! :)
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