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I'm looking to build a gaming PC by the end of this summer.

What I really want out of the PC is high performance. I don't need Crysis on the best possible graphics, I would like it to be able to run the latest games on relatively good graphics.

I have 3 questions
1: Could you guys point me to some good articles to read. I have already read the "Homebuilt PC Buying Guide" by jbakerlent and a few other articles.
2: How much should I save up to spend on a good computer?
3: How in the world do you overclock and crossfire?
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  1. 1. You can find reviews on the websites posted. I would read all the sticky's on the page of the home built system forum.

    2. I would say if you have a monitor around 1000-1300 would get you a very nice system 1300-1500 if you need everything.

    3. Best to read up on it
  2. 1. THJ Home Page, extreme tech etc all have great guides.

    2. Sweet spots right now are $1400 for an 1156 system and $1600 for a 1366 system.....below $1000 I'd do AMD.

    3. Xfire / SLI requires a capable MoBo, twin GFX cards and a decent PSU / case. OC'ing simply means going into the BIOS and speeding things up. Best way is to search for a guide based upon your MoBo. For example:
  3. I'd go for $600-800. This would still get really good performance.
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