Can you downgrade sony Vaio to XP. I removed the vista hard driv ? Doe

I had a Sony Vaio with V ista. It crashed so I had the hard drive taken out.
I have since installed a new hard drive and windows 7 which I hate. I want
go back to XP. I have an X P that came with my old desk top HP. Can I install this in this computer?

Also, I have no control over my cursor. This is driving me to tears trying to do my work. Thank anyone that will help me with this. Elizabeth
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  1. No, you will not be able to use an HP Windows XP disc in a Sony PC. Did you perform a new install of Windows 7, or did you upgrade the original Windows Vista? A fresh install of Windows 7 might be better than all the work it will take to get XP properly working.
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