Sick of Intel ! What you think about this RIG?

So I'm tired of playing with intel/nvidia co. I never thought i would say that but I'm actually convinced switching to amd/ati :bounce:

Here is my suggestion, please let me know pros and cons since I'm totally INTEL person:

CPU: X6 1090T / on my old TRUE w/ two fans

MOBo: MSI 870A-G54 AM3


GPU: XFX HD 5850 - LIFE TIME WARRANTY (will CF as soon as I get extra dineros)

everything else I have from my current system i.e psu-650 antec true power, case cooler master 690, kingston 60 gb (os) and 1t wd (data)

Let me know of any adjustments, concerns etc......

Thanks in advance.
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  1. i would look into getting a 790GX board for crossfire down the road
  2. The 870 isn't a crossfire capable motherboard (at 8x-8x) the 790X, 790GX, 790FX or the 890GX, 890FX for crossfire. iirc when newegg had the 1090 in stock there were great combo deals with the Gigabyte 890FX and 890GX (about $30 - $25 off)
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