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Hello, i have an Asus P5NSLI CORE2DUO motherboard, does a 280 gtx videocard works in it?
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  1. it will work assuming your PSU is up to the task of powering it
  2. are you sure? The card says that it needs some motherboard that has a hybrid supply thing, i dont know, just want to know if it is mandatory to have that hybrid thing
  3. i think you have a hybrid card, it would need a hybrid motherboard so that during office work or web browsing the PC would use the mobo and during more intensive application the GTX 280 would come into play. It never really caught on, you won't miss anything.
  4. so there is no need of buying a new motherboard? Are you sure? It will really be a big relief for me, since i am ordering one from USA, and i am from Bolivia, so it is a lot of effort, and also, my budget is somewhat limited
  5. i assume you mean you are ordering the video and not the motherboard? It will work, once again assuming your PSU can power it.
  6. thank you! i have the power supply, just that i am worried because i dont know too much about the motherboards and video cards synergy, i only know a little of video cards :)

    I asume you know a lot about this things, isnt it? Sorry for being a pain in the ass, really, but i need to know this . Are you sure? Because you are the only person that answered my question, i am deciding it based in what you are tellin me, no one else answered me yet, also in other places. Thank you, really, but are you sure?

    I am worried because my motherboard is from 2007 and is a little old, and is ddr2 , and the card is ddr 3.

    Dont get me wrong, i will be very happy if i know that i dont need to change my motherboard.
  7. so well? Anyone
  8. looks like everyone here agrees, you can try Tom's motherboard forum if you want more opinions.
  9. no problem at all go ahead u are just fine i have a gtx 280 on a very old mobo
    chose me as best answer the mobo is a Asus IPIB-LA
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