Heard it refered to, on several occasions, but never got much more than a whiff of what it meant.

There is a guy who has this thread where he wants an external "disk stack" which I think is a 4 bay ATX mini-tower and he was asking how to simulate the appropriate load, in leiu od an actual mobo.

We used to have a PSU like that, in our PC Lab, it was jumped and/or terminated to run without the mobo,

Anyone know which/what pins on whatever connectors will allow our client to power his drives, without a mobo ????

i.e. He wants USB (etc.) connects from this enclose to the host PC ... BUT .... He want's to POWER the external drives via ATX +12V PSU (Independent).

I am just gonna guess that a common chassis ground strap and a shared power strip are a given.
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  1. ... I don't know if this is a good idea but this might be what I/he/OP was looking for

    ********************** thread-quote **********

    Okay... So, I tested the power supply (by using a paperclip to short the blue and gray wires) and it wasn't exhibiting any strange behavior when it wasn't connected to the mobo.

    I put the RAM back in and cursed at the thing as it did it's constant reboot sequence. Then I wiggled the integrated power button around to make sure it wasn't causing any problems... and the system is getting up to 7F again. Yay! I think!
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