Low Profile & High Performance & Reasonable Price?

Am I asking for too much? I guess, but i trust all you experienced members of the forum can give me some insight...
I'm a bit out of touch with videocards (last one i bought was ati 9600 pro 3-4 years ago), and i just turned to a microATX.
Being a fan of the GTA series (and having played 2,3,vice,s.a.) i want to play GTA IV (even if not at 60+fps);

my system is:

Intel Core i3 530 (2.93 GHz)
KINGSTON 1dimm 2GB DDR3 (hyperX cl7)
Seagate 320 with NCQ
case: Antec nsk 1480 (PSU = 350Watt-antec made)

What low profile (narrow) card can you recommend?

I thought of one of the following Asus-made models (manufacturer's website):
ATI HD 5450 silent http://tinyurl.com/y27j2yv
ATI HD 5570 http://tinyurl.com/y4gcqnd
nV GT 220 http://tinyurl.com/y5nskzx

Please suggest any you might think could be good (5570 is a bit steep, and gt220 is marketed extreme gaming performance? really can't make up my mind).
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  1. I guess looking into the previous generation of cards can be really eyeopening towards value/performance ratio.
    Thanks alot!
  2. if the 5570 is a bit steep then get the 4650 notty linked. You will have to make some graphic sacrifices to play GTA IV.
  3. Follow this link, its a search for 'low profile video card' on any given day , you might find a 20-30 dollar discount on a card , you might not be considering.
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