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I have a dell laptop that has windows Xp media center installed, it was working fine a few weeks ago when I turned it off it started downloading updates and during the update the power went off. Since then I cannot open any web browser or connect to the Internet. I have also been notified by my anti virus software that I have a few viruses. I cannot find nor can I recall getting a windows Xp media edition cd, I have several windows Xp pro disks from desktops so I attempted to repair the windows cp with one of those disks now its asking for a product key to continue I clicked the R key to repair windows not reinstall windows what can I do?
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  1. Check the bottom of the laptop... it should have a COA Sticker with the Licence Key
  2. Thanks that worked now I'm stuck in the activation loop hell. Anyone know how to fix that I've tried the couple things I found running the sys Oobe thing but still stuck.
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