USB Fried External Hard Drive?

First off, idk if specs make a difference but here:

CPU: i7 930 OC @ 3.8Ghz
Memory: Corsair XMS3 1600GB DDR3
GPU: 2x EVGA 9800GTX+
PSU: Rosewill 1000W
HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM
Sound Card: HT Omega Striker 7.1
Case: NZXT Tempest Evo
CPU Cooler: Corsair H50

So I rarely use the USB ports on my computer case but I have used it twice. The first time was last year when I plugged my iPod Touch into it. Shortly after, the iPod would not be recognized by any computer and would not charge at all. I didn't think much of it because the iPod was 4 years old and beat up - so I passed it off as just being old.

A month ago, I plugged my iPhone into the computer case USB ports. Same thing happened - stopped charging, wasn't recognized. So I took it in to Apple and they gave me a replacement. The problem was that same night I also plugged in my external hard drive (Western Digital 500GB) to the computer case USB's.

Now the external hard drive is not being recognized at all. It powers up, but no recognition. I tried 2 computers and multiple cables. Is there any way I can salvage the hard drive and get it to work? or is it really fried?
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  1. If these are your front panel ports I would check if they are connected correctly to the motherboard. I have seen people accidentally connected them to firewire header or simply get the pins wrong.
  2. They are I checked several times :/
  3. Then you have a motherboard issue!
  4. Is there any way to fix/salvage the hard drive? I just want to recover lost information
  5. There are some free software solutions available on the www but there is no guarantee that they work. Professional data recovery is expensive but would work.
  6. check the mb header cables see if there wired to the usb spec. all it takes is one mis wire. also see if your using a small board for the usb front header. if there is a small control board for the dront header it could be wired wrong. if you can see if any of the pins on the port are bent or there any missing insulation. most usb ports the pins or the plastic breaks off and the pins or the device is shorted out. for the hard drive you may be lucky that the usb to ide/sata board took the hit in the ext hard drive. if the unit out of warranty you can open the case and pull the hard drive out and plug it into you mb sata ports or pick up a usb/ide to usb cable.
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