Eyefinity setup 3x1 have the adapter but no luck

I'm trying to set up eyefinity on my three identical monitors ( windows 7 64bit, radeon 5850, 3 synch master 2450's).
Got the active dvi/dp adapter from Dell, Dp connected monitor is shown in CCC but won't actually come on. It even shows the monitor when i create the 3x1 group but again just won't actually show the desktop that it is supposed to. I have the adapter of course plugged in and I have tried many different powered USB ports to no avail. Anyone else have this problem and solved it?
One strange thing, when I accept the configuration in ccc (with the dp monitor dark) it bumps up my resolution to 5760 x 1080 but with the third screen not lit I can no longer see ccc, so I have to switch back to 1920 x 1080 with the control panel utility. Also this utility only shows two screens, the third says "another display not detected". Again all three displays show up in ccc and sometimes after restarting the screen plugged into the dp port thru the adapter will show the windows start up screen but turn off one of the other dvi monitors and then switch back after. Wth!
Any ideas?
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  1. more info.
    It not the monitors, I have used the adapter on two out of the three of them and the same results happpen. So it is clearly the adapter or some sort or set up problem. I have read in other places that if you have a bad adapter or a passive adapter you wont even get the option for 3x1 in ccc. Im just baffeled because the monitor shows up in ccc but doesnt under control panel or when I hit apply for the 3x1 group setting.
  2. new info. crazy
    So i just went to watch LOST and whn I came back my computer screens were turned off due to my power settings (not sleeping, I set it up to never sleep for other reasons.) when I moved my mouse all three screens came on with duplicate desktops on each screen. I went through the steps again to set up a 3x1 in ccc and then the 3rd screen went blank again. I have to be doing something wrong with my set up. Its my only conclusion.
  3. Uninstall catalyst and then install the latest one from
  4. I did download and install the latest drivers already, but I did not do an uninstall. Ill try that.
  5. hmmm I uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. Same issue. The third screen comes on after the monitors turn off and I move the mouse to bring them back on, but then the third drops after I try to do one continuous desktop for 3x1 group in ccc.
  6. anyone else have this issue? I'm about to sent these monitors back to newegg and just get one 27" monitor. Seems like it would eliminate a lot of nonsense.
  7. When the monitor drops, try removing then reinserting the usb connector for your dvi/displayport adaptor to see what happens.
  8. Yeah I was hoping that would do it, but it doesn't seem to help, it seems to be ccc, cause now it only dumps when I try to do the 3x1. I'll try again.
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    This is pretty odd yeah.

    I had some booting issues to start with my eyefinity, and after days of frustration I finally figured out the issue was a bad memory stick.

    Just fiddle around with the settings, try every combination you can - try older catalyst versions too if you need to. If you can get 3 duplicate screens running off 1 card, there is no reason I'm aware of why they won't run eyefinity too.
  10. thanks for the help Jennyh. I've spent all week trying to get this to work. I am just going to return my 3 monitors to new egg and just get a bad azz 27 or 30 inch.
  11. shouldn't be this difficult. Sux that ATI is letting the competition have time to catch up. If I owned that company I would be pretty pissed, but im sure it is a pretty complex deal.
  12. It's working fine for me and a lot of people. :) If you really want to give it another go, try a new adaptor.
  13. thanks again. Just frustrated. I have been runningRadeon for years. This wont make me switch.
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