Unigine Heaven+10.4 catalyst

Just wondering..if anyone try to run Unigine Heaven in Dx11 with new 10.4(beta)Catalyst. I like to know if the freezing/crashing isiue has ben improwed.
Thanks ! :ouch:
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  1. It's worked fine for me. No crashes and no freezing.
  2. Yep me too. No issues.
  3. I heard a lot of good things about the new driver ,cant wait for final release..thanks
  4. Yep, I'm waiting for the full release info too, see if they came through on their promises.
  5. So what does that mean? AMD skimping on their current drivers?
  6. That was a bit harsh on my part. I mainly meant to 2-D fix was supposed to come in 10.4, but I haven't heard anything yet. Actually, other than some horrendous shadows in Dirt 2, ATI drivers are working great for me.
  7. So 10.4 is supposed to eliminate those issues?
  8. Yep..they took their time..had about 6 months until nvidia finally made first directx11 card
  9. Well, it was supposedly "fixed" a month or two ago, and "supposed" to be out with 10.4 (has to go through all the internal and MS testing).
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