How/where can I sell??

I'm trying to sell a older computer of mine in a package for $225 with the three 1gb sticks I had for it, a p4 3.20ghz & a asus p5ld2-vm board all of it was on. Haven't had much luck on craigslist. what else can I do?

Thanx for any info back on my issue

Here's the Stats:



Compatible Processors: Celeron D , Pentium D , Pentium 4

Chipset Intel 945G Express ICH7R

North Bridge Intel 82945G MCH

Socket LGA775 Socket

Processor Types Pentium 4

Number of CPUs 1

Front Side Bus 1066/800MHz

Memory Type DDR2

Memory Channels Dual

Maximum Memory 8GB

External Graphics PCI Express x16

IGP Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

South Bridge Intel 82801GR ICH7R

Audio 8-channel

IDE 100/66/33


SATA 3.0 GB/s

RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5, 10

LAN 10/100/1000

Firewire None


Expansion Slots


Form Factor microATX


Brand Intel

Processors Type Desktop

Series Pentium 4

Model BX80547PG3200EK

CPU Socket Type

CPU Socket Type LGA 775

Tech Spec

Core Prescott

Multi-Core Single-Core

Name Pentium 4 541

Operating Frequency 3.2GHz

FSB 800MHz

L1 Cache 12KB+16KB

L2 Cache 1MB

Manufacturing Tech 90 nm

64 bit Support Yes

Hyper-Threading Support Yes

Virtualization Technology Support No

Multimedia Instruction MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3

Voltage 1.25-1.4V

Thermal Design Power 84W

CPU cooler:

ThermalTake GunMet Orb

Compatibility Intel (Socket LGA 775) Intel CoreTM 2 Quad

Intel CoreTM 2 Extreme

Intel CoreTM 2 Duo

Intel Pentium D

Intel Pentium 4

Intel Celeron D

AMD (Socket LGA AM2,AM2+) AMD Athlon 64 X2

AMD Athlon 64 FX

AMD Athlon 64

AMD Sempron

Heatsink Dimensions Ø 140mmx 73.3mm

Heatsink Material Aluminum Fin & Aluminum Core

Fan Dimensions Ø 80 x 25 mm

Rated Voltage 12 V

Started Voltage 7V

Rated Current 0.25 A

Power Input 3.00 W

Fan Speed 1800 RPM ± 10%

Max. Air Flow 77.85 CFM

Noise 17 dBA

Life Time 30,000 Hours

Connector 3 Pin

Weight 545g


3x Kingston Value RAM DDR2 533Mhz PC4200 Dual channel 240 Pin SDRAM
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  1. You could try ebay, but really it's just not worth that much.
  2. ok thanx dude. could I possibly get $200 at least??? Also, I was wondering y do you think with those parts I won't be able to get that much I'm asking for??? I know the parts are pretty ancient but they still run well.
  3. Are you only selling the CPU/MB and RAM or is it a complete system?

    If you are only listing the parts it will never is obsolete and anyone looking at the parts will know it.

    If it is a complete computer list it as "internet ready" and "great for a student on a budget" or something similar. I would also try the classified section of your local paper as people looking there will be less tech savvy than people on craigslist. You might get $150-$200 for it that way.
  4. I am selling the cpu/ram/mobo and thermaltake cooler I bought after. here's my add I have on CL. there is no case,ps and video card.
  5. I hate to say this but that is never going to sell. You can almost buy a new quad core AMD CPU/MB/RAM for that. I do not think anybody is going to want to start a new build with obsolete parts. Like I said if it was a complete computer you might get around $200 for it but to still have to buy a case/PSU and video card? No way.

    Oh and BTW where do you come up with that needing a 550w PSU? Especially before adding a video card. Hell with a low end card it will run on 250/300 watts.
  6. Alright, well thanx for the honesty and I wasn't trying to gip any1 I just thought there might be some1 out there that would want a computer project such as that one. when I 1st put the add up I got a few hits but they were asking if it came with a video car and if it had been sold or parted out and I told the 2 people stuff but never heard back from them. and I only said that it needed a 550+ ps because thats what I was using. but I had a nvidia 7800gt 256mb pci xpress.
  7. If I were you I'd put the stock cooler back on it, (just because the other one might be useful or could sell it separately) then put it on ebay for the like .99 starting point with like $15-20 shipping. Someone will buy it and use it at that price, I'd actually expect it to get up to $30-50.

    List it in the Mobo+CPU combo section.
  8. Thanx for the suggestion because I hadn't thought of putting the stock cooler back on it. I'd only gotten the Thermaltake because the stock cooler (from what I recall year b4 last) was making all kinds of noise so I had a friend buy me the Gunmet Orb and I just had the stock one in a box of computer stuff I've collected. When I was looking it up on e-bay though, people weren't even charging more then $30something for it
  9. Noise as in loud or noise as in, it won't properly cool anymore? If the latter and you don't want people demanding their money back, and let me assure you paypal will take it back, then don't switch it back.

    You may not get much for it but at least you know someone is using it who could literally only afford buying that sort of thing from ebay. And if they're getting that you can only imagine what they're running when they get it.
  10. it was making a whirring noise and at the time I had it in a smaller case so it was running hotter and practically the whole case was hot but I never had a issue with it overheating and I was running it for online shooters. Then too was when I had a 450 watt psu and only 1gig ram still on an intel atx board: D925XCV.

    This was the 1st board I had for my system then I moved it to that asus board.
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