Can i replace 1066Mhz memory with 1333?


I'm looking to upgrade my MBP 15" from 4Gb to 8. I currently have 1066 MHz but looks like most stores (at least those near me) only sell 1333 MHz. Is it okay to change from 1066 to 1333?


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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Yes, you can do that as long as you don't change the DDR 2 to DDR 3 - the worst case scenario would be that the 1333 RAM would clock down to 1066. The RAM specs are determined by what motherboard you have.
  2. Clarification: If it is DDR 2 stay with DDR 2 - if it is DDR 3 stay with DDR3 - whatever the motherboard supports. Do not switch between the 2.
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