ASUS D2X - What does HiFi setting do?


There's this Hifi setting in the control panel for the card and I can't tell what it does exactly. It doesn't boost any of the higher frequencies or anything gimmicky like that does it?
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  1. High Fidelity-HiFi, it increases the higher notes, but more importantly, it helps with clear voice recognition for a center speaker, if you don't have a reciever/are using computer box speakers, chances are you won't be able to tell a difference.
  2. if u have good speakers theres no need to turn it on anyway.
  3. ^ speakers won't affect fidelity, if you have high quality speakers and a cr@p source, those speakers will sound like cr@p. Its all about equality. If you have cr@p speakers and a quality sound card, you won't be able to to tell the difference between a cr@p source and high quality source. Its all about equality of the source and speakers and knowing how to balance them out.
  4. the hifi settings is just no more thena special eq... if u have very good speakers you wont need that extra treble boost. software effects are never really that good, and they always effect the overall output in some ways whether or not u can noticably perceive it.
  5. I use a pair of Beyerdynamic Dt990 pro headphones with a tube headphone amp. I can't notice a difference with it so I'll just leave it off I think. Cheers for the replies.
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