Run games on hdd through ssd?

ok so i have a 60gb ocz vertex 3 and a 500gb hdd. ssd is my boot drive. I currently have bf3 on my ssd and steam on my hdd. bf3 is taking up a lot of space so i was wondering if there was a way to install bf3 on my hdd yet still run it through my ssd? idk if this is a dumb question or not.

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  1. Files installed on SSD are loaded @ the throughput of the SSD, if a file is on the HDD it is read at the speed of the HDD.
  2. you can investigate intel srt (ssd caching), and repartition and set aside a portion of the ssd to speed up what it thinks is best.

    It's a compromise solution, as the first time used will be same speed, but subsequent accesses will be faster.

    Or spend some cash and get more SSD in your SSD, yo
  3. With only a 60 Gig SSD, forget SRT caching.
    Personally, I don't recommend a 60 gig SSD, which is really only about 50 gigs usable.
    A "GOOD" 128 gig sata III SSD in now down to $100 +/- $10 on sale.
    That could replace his OS + program 60 gig SSD which he could then dedicate that for his game files.
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