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The last time I build a computer was in 2005 for the sole purpose of playing Cyrsis at retarded specs. Well I have only had to make a few minor upgrades in the last year or so and now I think it is time that I go for the big sha-bang! I would like the advice of the community on helping me design a new computer tower w/monitor. The only things I would like at a minimum are 4Gb of Ram, and a SSD. I usually only play 1-2 games at a time so hard drive space isnt a necessity which is one of the reasons I would like a SSD drive. As far as pricing goes, limit is $500-$1000 for a monitor, and $2000 for the tower, maybe more depending on what someone can show me. Thank again for all your help.

-Warren D.
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  1. Also, I have to be able to order the parts from newegg.com since I am in the military stationed overseas. Thanks again for any help!
  2. That's a pretty good budget. I'd get a i7 930, x58 Mobo, 6GB of ram, any 80+gig SSD, a caviar black or Samsung Spinpoint F3 for storage, 2x GTX 470 SLI or 480s if u can swing it, and ASUS new 3D 120hz Monitor that comes with glasses for 500$. Should all be available from newegg.
  3. Here is my build, its kind of like Timops, I just put your 1000 for monitor and 2000 for case together, I got all of this together for 2900.

    CoolerMaster Haf-X, just about the best air cooling case you can get right now.
    Asus Rampage III Extreme
    2x GTX 470
    Corsair Dominator 6 GB 1866
    Corsair 1000HX
    Noctua NH-D14 - This gets your temps almost as low as water cooling
    Corsair Force 120GB SSD
    Corsair 1TB Green Data Driver
    Asus VW266H

    Total 2,878 a little more expensive and high end then Timops, but it does include a monitor.
  4. Question about the dual vid cards, How many comp games actually support them now a days?
  5. Almost every modern game, actually.
  6. What is your timeframe?

    This fall, gen3 SSD's will be faster, larger, and cheaper. Be prepared for buyer's remorse if you buy now.
    It also seems that Sandy bridge Intel 32nm quads will launch by the end of the year. Again, faster, cooler, and perhaps cheaper.
    Updated Graphics cards should appear then also.

    Would you consider building around a 30" 2560 x 1600 monitor for $1159?
    It is one of the few future proof computer parts you can buy today.

    Otherwise, I would look at a Samsung 24" monitor(or two). I think they make the panels for many others, but keep the best samples for their own products.
  7. I'd rather have 3D or Surround/Eyefinity then one big ass giant monitor, especially if you're sitting at a desk.
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