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I have a problem with the game port on the multimedia card!

I had to reinstall my system and after having all kinds of trouble with win 7 installation I ended up using xp. The installation for win 7 freezez everytime. Later I realized I have some memorie issues which might have caused the installation problem too. (am using 3 pieces of kingston kvrx64c25/512 memory)

But after solving this I realized that my system does not recognize the vnf-250 multimedia card. Strange thing was that I found out that I can use the sound output on the card but I couldn't get the gameport/midi port recognized.

Has anyone an idea what to do in this situation? I have an F-23 joystick I wanted to use.

I tried the original disks for the motherboard and tried to find newer versions too. Also tried to look for blogs handling the same problem without luck till yet.

Thanks in advance! (and sorry for my english - I live in Hungary)
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  1. Motherboard is a Chaintech VNF3-250...
  2. Also tried to use an old PCI Sound Card (CMI8738). My PC recognized the game port on this one but It also said that the gameport can not be used due to some conflict. Device Manager tells me it can't free up enough resources (Code12) and to disable another device if I want to use this one.
  3. I don't think gameport is supported in Vista or Win7.

    Heck, I've even got Microsoft USB game controllers that aren't supported by later versions of Windows.
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