My m keys is not working for acer aspire laptop

Hello, just want ask.. my laptop is acer 5920 and igot problem with my keys. my m keys and j is not working.. pls give me some advice.. do i need to replace my keyboard or just update the driver of my keyboard.. actully i already update it.. but still not working..thank you..
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  1. Try carefully lifting the keys off the keyboard, Small screwdriver and work at both sides.
    Use a Q-tip and some alcohol, clean up around those keys.
    It's amazing what can fall into the keyboards, when I smoked I had to take it outside turn upside down and shake.
  2. thank to both of you.!thank you and i will try to clean y keyboard but if it still not work no doubt i need to buy new.
  3. Turn it upside down and hit W when you need M, lol.
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