DVI to HDMI Hookup from Radeon X1550 to Samsung TV

I have a Dell 4700. I purchased a Radeon X1550 PCI-e video card to hook up my Samsung LN46B750 TV as a second monitor. I connected this via the DVI-I port with a DVI-D to HDMI cord. I have confirmed all setting are correct. The HDMI ports on the TV work. The DVI-D to HDMI cord works. The VGA connection to my desktop monitor works via the VGA port on the Radeon video card. I have researched everything I can on line, and I am stumped! Does anyone have a clue what the problem could be?

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  1. You have to enable the second monitor in your display settings in the control panel.
  2. Yes, this has already been done. All settings on TV and computer appear to be set up properly.
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