Asus 25.5" or Hanns G 28" LCD Monitor?

Which one would you guys say is better?

Asus 25.5 inch =$270.00 AFTER REBATE!


Hanns G 28 inch =$338.00

NOTES: These are the only 2 monitors at 24"+ for 1920x1200 gaming. I'm looking for a decently large monitor, NO EYEFINITY, and I've read 1920x1200 is superior for gaming when compared to 1920x1080. I have no clue since I'm using 1280x1024 atm.

NOTE2: Asus offers 3 YEARS warranty on panel. Hanns G offers 1 YEAR warranty on panel.

Which would you choose? Or which would you recommend another large LCD for similar or cheaper price?
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  1. Get the asus. The number of pixels is the same so choose the one with a higher pixel density so you get the sharpest image possible.
  2. iunno why vote isn't working :(
  3. Just 1 response? :P
  4. herbaltylenol said:
    iunno why vote isn't working :(

    The poll might have expired.

    My vote is for the Asus, better contrast, better response time, better brand.
  5. Wow really lol...

    Just when I made up my guy comes and swears by one :P
  6. Hanns-G is low quality crap. Get the Asus at least their monitors have better build quality. I have an Asus VK246H which I use sparingly.
  7. I totally agree with zipzoomflyhigh. I am currently using the Hanns-G 281DPB and it is fantastic! I highly recommend Hanns-G. Having 27.5 viewable inches allows me to sit well over 3ft from my monitor and still see every crisp detail in vibrant rich color without any eye strain.

    The thing to remember is that Hanns-G's core business is making monitors and televisions whereas the Asus is made by another company monitor and slapped with an Asus badge.
  8. 800:1 contrast is only mediocre, but 28 inches at that price is impressive.
  9. EXT64 said:
    800:1 contrast is only mediocre, but 28 inches at that price is impressive.
    Contrast ratio is a bit of a misnomer and mostly used as a marketing ploy by manufacturers to create a perception that a monitor or TV with a higher contrast ratio is better than a lower one. Most of the time, the advertised contrast ratio is the Dynamic Ratio as opposed to the Static Ratio. Fact is, a contrast ratio of 800:1 is indistinguishable from a contrast ratio of 1000:1; same with the difference between a 2ms and 3ms response time.
  10. While I agree DC is worthless, I wouldn't say 800:1 vs 1000:1 is completely indistinguishable. Might be an inconsequential loss, but as that is a real measurement, it is there nonetheless.
  11. I have the Asus monitor. Basically it is a great monitor the colour is great and response time is descent. But one problem with the monitor is a feature called overdrive. It is supposed to allow the monitor to run 2ms response gtg. The problem is the over drive is too aggressive and it causes EXTREME ghosting. Do not fret though, you can simply lower the over drive too about 20 and it will be fine, though it will end up being more then 2ms.

    The monitor has allot of inputs though, composite, vga, dvi and hdmi. You can also 1:1 map if you want to use your xbox or something. It also takes some time to callibrate properly but looks really nice when you get it right.

    I have seen both monitors and honestly the Asus looks nicer. I think that once it gets to 28" 1920 x 1200 isn't enough for that size of a screen. Honestly, though I went from a 17" 1280 x 1024 and i kinda of low standards when it comes to monitors lol. But playing crysis at max on my monitor was AMAZING and you will love your monitor, no matter which one you get.
  12. Thanks for all the responses guys.

    From reading these...I can't tilt one way or the other : \

    Is 3 years warranty + almost $60 cheaper worth it and I should go for the 25.5" Asus?

    Or is 1 year warranty enough and bite the bullet and pay $60 more and get the Hanns G?
  13. Would be nice to know what GPU will actually power this new screen.. ROFL
  14. A 5870. Just 1. 95% sure I WON'T be cross-firing.
  15. Shouldn't need to (CF). Even a 5850 does nicely on 1 1920x1080 screen.
  16. Indeed. So now how 'bout it...which screen? From the comments, it seems 50/50 either way.
  17. I would go with the Hans but only because its a larger screen at more or less the same price.
  18. The only thing I'm worried about with the Hanns is the 1 year policy. What if monitor starts breaking down soon after a year? :(

    While I take Newegg reviews with a grain of salt...both monitors have relatively the same rating/comments (i.e. some people get problems within first few months, so easy RMA, but others get problems 1-1.5 years down the line, and that's where the Hanns falls short due to only 1 year warranty).

    I'm kind of leaning towards the Hanns atm though. While I haven't fully set my build yet, if it's going over budget, then I may switch to the Asus to save $60.
  19. don't buy hanns g

    don't let the bigger size fool you

    asus is better quality

    i had a hannsg 19 inch and it was trash / flase colors / looked blueish

    i had to sell that piece of crap
  20. bah, I have a few Hans and Asus here at the office and all of them are working fine.

    The Hans + Asus have a 3 year warranty.
  21. Honestly i dont think warranty matters for a monitor. If it works fine with no dead pixels when you open it, it'll be fine.. unless you punch it.
  22. Why must you all post such differing comments :(

    Also OvrClkr, Hanns has 3yrs warranty on their stand/other crap, but 1yr panel warranty.

    Says right here:

    EDIT: Impaledmango, I thought the same thing, but reading reviews of monitors, some people are posting that after a year or so, monitor starts doing random crap/breaking down.
  23. Well that is funny because I have a 2 year old 22" Hans that clearly shows 3 year warranty on the documentation. But just like impaledmango said, if the screen is working as advertised and has no dead pixels you have nothing to worry about. I have over 300 screens at work (many different brands) and only a few of them have crapped out in over a 4 year span. If you take care of your hardware it should last unless you get a lemon and those can be identified way before the warranty has expired.
  24. So I guess Hanns G 28" then. If my budget for new pc goes way over, I'll switch to Asus.

    Thanks guys. I'll still appreciate any more input :P
  25. ASUS have better colour for sure......
  26. herbaltylenol said:
    So I guess Hanns G 28" then. If my budget for new pc goes way over, I'll switch to Asus.

    Thanks guys. I'll still appreciate any more input :P
    Good choice on the Hanns-G. I do not regret buying mine and I'm sure you won't regret buying yours. Post back after you get it and let the forums know what you think. not set the color, contrast, gamma, brightness or set any other settings unless the monitor has been on for 30 minutes or so to give it a chance to warm up, don't set it up cold.
  27. Don't forget to take a pic and post it here.. I am also on the lookout for a new screen and I have my eye on that same 28 incher..
  28. Yeah so new problem.

    The Asus 25.5" is about $100 cheaper after mail-in rebate. Now I'm seriously favoring it over the 28".

    Got a friend who said he'll get me at least 15%, but they only have the Asus, not Hanns-G.

    So it would be $255 before rebate for Asus ($225 after rebate) vs. $340 for Hanns G.

    $225 vs $340...iunno, I'm thinking no-brainer go for Asus?
  29. PS: I will take pics, I'll post em here. You shall be amused.
  30. herbaltylenol said:
    $225 vs $340...iunno, I'm thinking no-brainer go for Asus?
    Nice rebate! Uh, yeah, I'd have to go with the Asus too and use the rebate money towards something else in the build.
  31. Yeah, for those prices it would be hard not to choose the Asus, unless you really need 28 inches.
  32. Honestly though, even if I didn't get the discount...I may have gone for the Asus anyway, at least until the rebate is active.

    $260 vs. $340. It's a pretty big difference. After April 30th though, when rebate expires...then yeah, $300 vs $330...I'd go for Hanns.
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