Planned setup, will it work?

Was thinking on getting a new system at some point. It will be used for Eve online, BFBC2, FC2 and DCS: A-10 when it comes. FC2 and DCS both are CPU intensive, so I would rather have a good cpu and slack a little on the GPU, than the other way around.

Here's my current plan.
CPU: i5-750 (OC, what else? ;))
MoBo: Asus P7P55D-E, with no plan of SLI/CF
RAM: OCZ Platinum2 x 2 GB DDR3 OCZ3P13332GK
HHD: Samsung Spinpoint F3
GPU: ASUS EAH5850/2DIS/1GD5 (1 GB), was thinking if i should get a 5770 instead to save some money.
DVD drive: Samsung SH-S223B
PSU: Corsair TX650W
OS: Window 7 Home Premium OEM (Danish)
CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

First, will it work together. I've done my best, but i might have overlooked something.
Second, would downgrading to a 5770 simply be stupid even considering what i will save?
Third, good any ideas on things that will perform about the same, but at a lower price?

Thanks for any help.

*edit* for changes in setup.
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  1. All looks good with the exception of the HDD. The Samsung Spinpoint F3 is faster and cheaper (in the UK that is)
  2. Ah just spotted.... No case ???
  3. for case. get a coolmaster haff 922
  4. bahh, forgot to list the case. It's going to be a 690 II adv.
  5. coolmaster? the black one?
  6. The CPU cooler is changed to a CM Hyper 212+, the little prize difference didn't justify the extra cooling ;)

    BTW, for some reason i'm not allowed to edit my own posts?
  7. why buy that one? its more pricey. get the haff 922! its more better! bigger! and it has good airflow. and it comes about $89 or 88.

    and BTW your can edit your post. first logo at the end of your post in the left
  8. I've settled withe the 690 II adv. as it doens't have the same Wow! look, besides the price difference where i'm going to buy is less than at max 2USD.

    As for the editing, when i press submit, it simply says "You are not allowed to edit this message!". Anyways i think that's a problem to ask for another place.
  9. Will the Storm Scout possible be a better case, as i tend to go to a lot of Lan parties?
  10. The thing about the graphics card is that it really depends on what resolution you will be playing at. Have a look at some of tom's articles where they benchmark both 5770 and 5850 on different resolutions. They are usually set up on highest detail so if you like the FPS of the games you plan to play and on the resolution you plan to use it should be an easy choice.

    Personally I think that if you want to max out games ( and there is no reason you wouldn't want that ) the 5770 is a good choice only for 1280x1024.
  11. lan parties? maybe you should consider a smaller case. say like. the antec 300
  12. A 5850 is a fantastic choice. It will perform well at nearly all resolutions and even on multi-monitor set-ups.

    I don't know how much you want to overclock your CPU, but if you're going to overclock significantly (as in: raise the voltage quite a bit, as in over 3,2GHz or so), you might want to get a better motherboard and perhaps a more potent cooler as well.

    I like the Storm Scout (using it myself atm). Airflow is as good as that of the 922 according to benchmarks and my own experience and the Scout is a bit less noisy. The handles help in transporting it, but with LAN parties in mind I'd rather get a smaller case than a case with handles...
  13. What cooler and mobo would you recommend?
  14. cm hyper 212. asus P7P55D-E pro
  15. ok, i'm going with the P7P55D-E though, the pro is just too pricy or is it really worth it?
  16. it depends. well your not going to sli. go for the P7P55D-E
  17. For a smaller case i'm going to get a NZXT Vulcan instead when it comes out along with ASUS Maximus III Gene as it require micro-atx... Now i just need to know if the hyper 212+ can fit...
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