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GTX 260 actually running Directx 10?

I kind of found an answer to part of this issue on another post, I know as of now Nvidia cards don't support directx 11, even though my system is running it. The GTX 260 says it supports dx9 and dx10, I just upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and I'm wondering what dx version is the card actually running on, dx9 or dx10? I had dx9 before with XP. If it is still running with dx9 is there a way I can get it running to dx10, or does that only work with Vista? Obviously because the card doesn't support dx11. Basically, is my card stuck running on dx9? Thanks in advance. :D
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    you have to think of it this way you can use dx 11 even if your card doesn't support it with software. Your graphics cards is a hardware accelerator which makes gaming plausible since software rendering would take forever. By having windows 7 you simply have the option of using dx 9 10 and 11, where as in xp it would only let you use 9. It was sort of a way to get people to buy vista and 7 was so they could use dx 10 and 11.

    So in the end what i'm trying to say is that your card can't be locked in dx 9, i will be able to run any dx 9 or 10 game. Just not dx 11 because it doesn't support it
  2. Thanks for the response my friend. I know all that, what I'm wondering is Windows 7 compatible with Directx 10. I want to know because that's the highest my card can run on, and if so where could I get it cause I haven't seen dx 10 with Windows 7 anywhere on Google. You say you have the option to use dx 9, 10 or 11, where would I switch it to 10? :??:
  3. johhny is correct.

    run a game it will detect your card, and switch to Dx10 if it is capable. as long as you have the latest Dx runtime (available on the M$ website) it should run.

    there aren't a huge number of Dx10 games, but enough that you should have no trouble getting hold of one to try it.
  4. Okay thanks amigo!
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