Windows XP SP 3 doesn't recognize all removabledisk

Hello, I have some problem in my Windows XP SP 3 now, it happens after my brother installing some game. Now my Windows can't recognize all Removable Disk especially Storage type like Flash Disk and etc it always ask formatting the disk , but any other device is recognized by it like Modem and etc, btw when I try the Flash Disk in other PC it's working fine. Then I try to solve it manually I thought it because some error driver in Device Manager. Then I try to disable and no luck, then I try to re-install it and it not coming back ( Btw here the list of it in Device Manage->Plug and Play I try to un-installing Beep,Null and Mx??(Kinda forgot it's name :( ) and from System Devices I un-installing Microcode Update Device ). Anybody know what's happening to my Windows XP and is there any effect from when I un-installing those driver ( Btw the removable disk problem already happening before I un-installing the driver ) ???
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  1. when u plugin into the pc or laptop, what do u see in device manager?
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