Cross Hair IV

Hello everyone I/m building a Pc i got a..

Asus CrossHair IV
It has 1 cpu fan header-- 1 pwr fan---- 3 case fan----- 3 opt fan headers

I also purchased a
Coolermaster hyper 212+

On the Cooler the fan it came with had a 4 pin connector I replaced that fan with two Coolmaster Red led fans those fans however only have 3 pin connectors my question is how do i hook up the 2 fans where should i plug them in do i need any more hardware

please help me out also ill keep refreshing this post so check back for follow up questions try to be detailed this is my first build and im a rookie

1 more thing do i have to remove any thing from the Mobo to install the after market cooler arounf the cpu area
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  1. must be a slow night
  2. To get full power of the fans, i would use a 3pin to Molex and connect them to the PSU directly. There are some videos out there on how to install the hyper 212+ (its on the product page of newegg
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