360 Slim Hard Drive Dimensions??

Soo i got rid of alot of old games, consoles, and bought a 360 Slim for pretty cheap.

Before i got rid of my old Red Ringed 360 i ripped its 120GB Hard drive out, and then put it in the new Slim..... Without the caddy.
I later purchased a caddy, and when it arrived the hard drive was too wide to fit in the caddy.

What size hard drive is supposed to fit the 360 slim???
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    The only hard drive that will fit in the slim is the one designed for the slim. All the past generation Xboxs have different size HDDs you can pick up a 320 GIG for 99.99 on amazon. Back up all your data from your old drive to your computer then transfer it to your new Xbox HDD. Boom, you have a giant HDD, a sexy Xbox and all your old games saves.
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