Where can i buy a new gameing computer?

allright i want a new gameing computer either from alien ware or digital storm.

but my dad does not like ordering things online, so is there like some kind of store that i could telle them what i want and jsut pick it up?

i live in canada if that helps
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  1. Explain to you dad that its alright to order PCs on-line,show him around the alienware site,and order directly from them,their not gonna rip you off,very high quality company,but something like those rigs are hard to find in a retail store.......I buy almost all of my comp parts on-line, i have probably had more trouble with stuff purchased from retail than mail order,I once bought a Video card from best buy and when I opened the box there was a broken capacitor sitting in the bottom of the box....thats just one example.....
  2. http://otvtech.com/

    I've bought two custom rigs from this place in Saskatoon, Sask. You go in, sit down and talk with a knowledgeable guy (or girl) and component by component hammer out a system. They have good warranties and support, in my experience.

    There has to be a similar business somewhere not too far away from you. Look for a place that specializes in the latest custom PC's and parts, and have up front pricing. There is a definate advantage in a face to face meeting with a computer tech., as opposed to a microwave and engine oil salesperson. You can avoid all sorts of bottlenecking and incompatability issues that come up as you are selecting your system.
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