Three displays, two GPU non-SLI

Basically currently I have two 19" LG LCD displays, and would like to add one 24" display to this. I have GF 8800GTS PCI-E x16 with two DVI outs I currently use.

What I'd like to do is using the new 24" display in 8800GTS alone, and running two old display with PCI-E x1 GPU since I would only run office software on them, so no real power required there.

My mobo is EpoX 9NPA+Ultra (I know, older than the sky), but will I face any problems with this if I just go and get all that I want? Any suggestions on cheap x1 GPU?
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  1. If you want 3 independent monitors, then yes, you would need to have 2 different cards. Since you only have 1 PCI-E x16, you need a PCI-Ex1 card, which are rare. They're expensive, and very old.

    If you're gaming, you could get an HD5770 and run three monitors off of that. Otherwise, you could run a monitor off of your motherboard's IGP and two off of your GPU.
  2. Thanks for reply.

    I'm not that much into gaming, so it's not the power I'd need. 8800 GTS meets my gaming needs pretty much perfectly.

    And I see HD5770 has VGA/DVI/DP/HDMI outputs, so I'd need to buy new display that had either DP or HDMI to run off with that. And given that the display I'm looking into has neither, it sounds kind of a bad choice.

    Also I thought that my mobo doesn't have IGP O_o

    But how about using the old PCI line? Those cards should be quite cheap, at least the ones that can just put image out.
  3. An 8400GS is just fine for a separate monitor. I just gave the general, "use IGP" thing, sorry about that, :lol:.

    A displayport adapter would cost $100, so yeah, you're better off without it.
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