My belkin wireless G adapter won't install

I am trying to install my wireless adapter on my windows xp 32 bit computer. Yes I have the disk, it istalls the software, but it doesn't work. When it tells me to instert my adapter, it asks if I have the disk. Which is odd because I just installed the driver and software. I look under hardware manager and it shows a big yellow exclamation point. Next to it reads wlan usb 2.0. This is very frustrating. I have even tried the belkin website, i installed the driver from there as well and still no luck. It is a belkin G F5D7050. thank you!
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  1. Did you install the wireless adapter or the software first? If you installed the adapter first, you can try removing the adapter and then uninstalling the driver, restart the computer, install the drivers, shut down, and then install the adapter.
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