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Hi,i have a problem with my monitor(which is LG W2284F . its 3 days, that when i want to turn it on it takes some minutes and at this time The screen looks like its flashing , and after 5 minutes lights turns on and it starts to show screen . BTW,My system specs are : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 2.66GHz , 3070MB RAM , ATI Radeon HD 4670 .
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  1. If the screen is black look ay the moniter from an angle. If you see an image, the backlight of the LCD is failing. How old is the monitor and how long is the warrantee,
  2. it has been a year I have it and garrantee was expired 20 days ago :( . i cant see any image. it just keep flashing until it gets on , but when it turns on it immediately shows the widows screen.
  3. Sounds like a failing backlight to me, or at least the power circuitry for the backlight.
  4. DITTO on the backlight
  5. Agreed on the backlight, my mothers LG monitor suffered a similar fate a while ago.
  6. The power button doesn't turn on too,so that's all because of backlight ? and if so then since its warranty has ended,i'm out of luck ?
  7. On my mothers one the power button lit up but the screen remained dark but if a strong light was aimed at it at just the right angle it was possible to see that something was actually being displayed.
  8. Mine is not the same , but what did you do with it ?
  9. She went and bought a Samsung P2250.
  10. If the power button isn't lighting up it may be related to the power circuitry in the monitor itself since it's not just the backlight that isn't starting (which would give you the dark image).

    I may even be a loose connector at the power connector or inside the monitor. It may take some trouble shooting to figure out. Have you check it with another computer, like a laptop to make sure it's detecting the input of the PC at start-up and thus not coming out of sleep mode?

    Tried switching connections? DVI / DB1-5 ?

    Have you tried turning it on when no connected to the PC, just on it's own, does it follow the same pattern?

    Sounds like a faulty connection/circuit somewhere, but your going to have a tough time finding it if it just suddenly happens without prompting or nudging.
  11. When i turn it nothing happens and it doesn't show the LG logo,just a very very weak flashing thing in te screen( no image just very weak white flash that is very hard to see), after a while power buttons lighs up and immediately the LG logo comes up and it shows image without any problem, BTW i tested it without a PC and in antoher place and an other adaptor its the same.
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