BSOD if I change any CPU settings

Having some BSOD problems. This is my first build, so be gentle haha.
What I'm working with:

amd 955BE
asus m4a785t-m/csm
msi gts 250 1gb
modxstream 500w
liteon dvd-rw
front card reader
640gb WD green
intel PCIe NIC
azza 910 case
scythe mugen 2
OCZ black edition 4gb

I've heard of issues with this board and getting the RAM to run at 1600. I seem to be able to get the computer to run decently well most of the time if I manually set the timings to 8-8-8-24. I usually just leave voltage set to auto and it works fine. If I try and set it to the recommended 1.65, I have to type in 1.53 and the BIOS changes it to 1.65, since if I put in 1.65 it changes to 1.77. At 8-8-8-24 and 1600 I am generally decently stable, and memtest shows no errors, both at the stock 1033 the mobo sets it to, and at 1600.

My video card is set at 790, 1915, 1250. It goes through benchmarking fine but lately sometimes after lightly using the computer for anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour, it locks up and the screen has a pink diagnoal line ripply sort of pattern to it and I have to restart. I think the card might be set a bit high(?), but it was fine fine at those settings after 15 mins of Kombustor. When it freezes I'm usually just using the internet or watching a video, nothing too intensive. I don't think it's getting too hot either since the fans kick on and all that good stuff, and after running Kombustor for a while at those setting it never gets above about 69. Anyway I just changed this not too long ago, the main problem is w/ the CPU settings, which has been going on regardless of any other settings. If I have to just keep this at stock settings to get things to work, then that's fine.

Anyway, regardless of the other stuff...if I have the RAM set to 1600 and I change anything, and I mean ANYTHING about the CPU, I can't get it to boot. I get to the "starting windows" screen, then it BSODs, and the only thing that will fix it is going into BIOS, resetting to factory settings, and rebooting. Even if I go back and manually change the one thing I did, I can only get a boot to happen if I reset BIOS to factory. If I activate ACC -> BSOD. If I set HT to 2600 (though the board is supposed to support it), or 2400, or anything other than Auto really -> BSOD. If I change the multiplier at get the point. One time I was able to pull of a 2% OC by using the "OC 2%" setting in BIOS which worked for about 10 mins, then wouldn't boot and I had to go back to stock BIOS.
Btw I've got onboard video and NIC disabled.

I've not had the greatest luck with this combo of components, but the RAM seems fine at least...I guess...
Do I need to invest in a more powerful PSU?
RMA time for the board?

Thanks for reading and your time.

EDIT: Its not just the CPU now. If I change ANYTHING in BIOS, I am not able to boot. I went to SATA config and change it from IDE to AHCI and now the same thing is happening. On a separate occasion I tried just to turn expressgate off and get the same old story. Windows says it failed to start and asks if I want to run startup repair. If I do, it takes forever then either tells me no errors were found, or that it can't repair the problem, and when i click more details it tells me "Errorcode: startuprepairoffline". If I spend the hour of so going through startup repair just for it to find nothing, sometimes it will boot after that, but not if I have changed CPU settings.

The BSOD I always get is the same one, but it goes too fast to read in its entirety. Its the, "new hardware change something something check for viruses" variety.
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    Your board is setting voltages to something different than what you typed in? I would definitely give ASUS a call about that one as it makes it impossible to tell if its treating anything else you manually enter properly. That should definitely qualify for an RMA.
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  3. Thanks. ASUS finally got around to processing my RMA case. Will be sending back today.
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