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I need to know how to change my IP address on my Windows XP computer
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  1. It depends on how you get your IP address, and why you think you need to change it.
  2. If you use DHCP to get an address the ipconfig / release & ipconfig /renew will work. If you need to assign your own address then:

    1. open control panel
    2. go to network connections.
    3. right-click local area connection and select properties.
    4. click/hightlight internet protocol tcp/ip and click the properties button.

    You can change the IP and DNS there. It must be a valid address on your network and you need administrative access to do this.
  3. If you just do an ipconfig /release then /renew, 99% of the time you will get the same IP address.

    If you need to change the IP from the one your ISP assigns you have to call them to get it changed.

    You may want to start your question with WHY you want to do this, many times people just ask about something that they read somewhere that is totally a waste of time to do.
  4. Use the following steps to change your ip address :

    There are two types of ip address we are using 1)Static ip address2)Dyamic ip address If you have dynamic IP, then change your IP address by following the steps:-1)Go to Start->Run->Cmd and Press Enter..Type in "ipconfig/release" for Current IP address and then type "ipconfig/renew" for New IP address.2)Either follow step 1 or Simply restart or unplug your modem/router .Doing either step 1 or 2 will change your Dynamic IP address. Visit to check your IP address is changed or not
  5. It all depends upon why you want to change your IP address. If you want the outside world to see a different address (because you have been banned from a site, for example) then you need to change the address on your router, not your computer. Depending upon your ISP, this can be difficult or impossible. And be aware that many sites are aware of this sort of cheating; a temporary ban could easily turn into a permanent one and an official complaint to your ISP.
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