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Big follower, first time poster.

I'm building a new system to do some high-end gaming, and am seeking advice/guidance on a build that I've put together based on a lot of posts throughout the forums.

I've got a budget of about $3,000.

I intend to run 3 monitors (if not now, then soon), and will be using the computer pretty much only for high-end gaming.

I will be overclocking a bit (perhaps the CPU up to 4ghz, nothing too crazy). Not planning on overclocking the RAM as I've never done it before.

Thank you to MadAdmiral already for unknowingly contributing a lot to this build:

CPU: i7-930 $288.99
Mobo: ASUS P6X58D $239.99 - I am debating between this and the similar Gigabyte board- from my understanding this board is a bit more "future proof" and will support my future crossfire/SLI GPUs.
RAM: Mushkin Redline $239.99 - Again, I'm not too knowledgeable with RAM, but from what I've read this is a good choice (and hopefully it is fully compatible!)
GPU: ASUS HD 5970 $699.99 - I plan on eventually purchasing a second one of these in the future, once games start requiring more GPU power for High-End gaming.
SSD: OCZ Vertex 120GB $299 - On sale until tonight! I may not get this in the initial build, may add this on in the future. Especially if I don't purchase it tonight.
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 1TB $89.99
PSU: I already have a Thermalpower ToughPower 850W PSU that I haven't had any problems with. I'm willing to purchase a new one upon recommendation: Corsair CMPSU 850
Case: HAF 922 $89.98 I like it a lot, but am open to suggestions.
Optical: Cheap ASUS Sata DVD Burner $25.99
HSF: Megahalems CPU Cooler $69.99
OS: Windows 7 Home 64 OEM $100

Monitors: I have a 22" viewsonic XV2235 Widescreen at the moment- debating purchasing 3 new (sony?) monitors- this may come at a later time. Any suggestions?

Total Cost (So Far): $2,278.89

Please let me know what you think of this build- if I am going way overboard for games coming out this year, or if you think I should add something with my budget.

Thank you again!
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  1. Save yourself $300 amd don't get Ssd YET. I would go for the haf 932 it's a bigger case and better airflow. That is a ridic CPU cooler, but one of the best. What games do you plan on playing to utilize these 3 screens? That gpu is going to last an awful long time, but I would get a different brand. Maybe xfx or sapphire. Use that $300 from ssd and use it on 3 beast monitors for whatever your gaming needs. Ptherwise that build looks solid to me.
  2. I currently play a few MMOs with at least two accounts, and would use multiple monitors to manage several screens at once (hooray multitasking!). Also, I love playing RPGS (Oblivion), FPS (Crysis, Farcry, etc), and several RTSes (including Supreme Commander). I realize that some of these games won't be eyefinity compatible, but I'm looking into a few new games that are.
  3. After looking a bit more, they have a seemingly decent combo deal on Newegg:

    Any thoughts on this? I realize I'd have to upgrade the PSU in the future if/when I were to buy another 5970, and I'm not too sure about the gigabyte board and ram...
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on the above, or which monitors I should get (3 of them)?
  5. Please advise on the above- I will be building 2 of these machines (one for myself, one for my roommate), so I'd like them to be as superb as possible. Thank you in advance!
  6. OK couple things.

    SSD wise if you're willing to spend $200 get a X25-M G2 80 gb drive.

    If you're willing to spend $250, get 2 X250-V 40 GB in Raid 0.

    If you're willing to spend $300 get a Vertex LE 100gb. There's the Corsair Nova too. The Vertex is better performing, but the Corsair is ~20 GB larger, but has issues, see below.

    If you're willing to spend $400 get 2 X25-M 80GB in Raid 0.

    I don't like the Corsair Nova because it's random read/write is just horrendous, and that has the biggest impact on user experience. Really, ATM you should only be using sandforce or Intel controllers for a SSD.

    Basically all your SSD choices there.

    No to the Combo deal on newegg, too many bad parts in there.

    As for your build.
    1. Go with the GA board, it's identical features for less and both companies have quality products. It's the 1156 GA boards that have horrible implementation issues.

    2. No to that RAM. Go with G SKill PI kit instead. $190

    3. HAF 922 is as big as most Full towers, can easily fit 2 5970's. No need for 932.

    4. There's some $20 burner on Newegg atm.

    Monitor wise you can get 24" 1920x 1080 dell monitors for $182 ATM

    You can also consider these 2 Asus monitors
    $170 w/ $15 MIR Has HDMI port

    $170 w/ $20 MIR no HDMI
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