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I have a 60gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD for my boot drive. All the cables are plugged in just to let you know hehe. Anyways, when I try to install Windows 7 I go into BIOS, set my DVD drive to 1st boot device, and then set my SSD as second. I go into the W7 install and install it all and it all seems fine. When the computer reboots I don't change any settings. The black boot screen comes up... lists info and then freezes for an infinite amount of time. When I try to repair it it says that Microsoft can't automatically fix the problem. What do i do?
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    This can happen when Windows gets confused about how it should install itself and usually happens when using an non-EFI compatible storage controller and an EFI compatible firmware.

    Make sure that your SSD and your optical drive are both connected to the Chipset's storage controller and not an add-in storage controller such as one from JMicron, ASMedia, Marvell, or Promise.
  2. Oh.. duh! Thanks a lot man!
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