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Well heres the problem, everytime i go to start and click shut down, the computer says shutting down; and after 10 minutes theres a blue screen and the computer just restarts. When it finished restarting theres a message that says the windows has recovered from an error. Im not sure why this happens but it wasnt always like this. If anyone knows how to fix this ill be glad to hear it, cause im tired of having to shut down the computer holding the power switch.
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  1. Blue screen of death? Could be a number of things. How long has this been happening?
  2. for about a week, its weird i mean in 3 years since i have the pc, this has never happened
  3. System specs?
  4. Weird I was just looking for a solution to this very problem. I'll post a new one so I don't hijack it.
  5. my specs are asus P5SD2-VM, Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Toxic 2gb DDR5, Kingston 2gb DRR2, Corsair TX 650w
  6. You say it just started doing this?

    The first place I look at is what changed? Did you install some new app? Did Windows do an update? Bios updated? New hardware?

    I would try a system restore going back before this started - if possible. I would look at removing anything I had installed recently. I would do a surface scan of the hard drive to verify there was no corruption (this happened to me and this found a bad sector) - but it can be anything.
  7. Blues screens are normally caused either by faulty memory or bad drivers (particularly video drivers). You could try and run a memory test program but in this case I think that your problem is caused by a bad driver. Have you installed any new devices recently or updated any drivers? For example the Intel 365 modem driver for windows XP has exactly the same problem as you have described if installed on Windows Vista for example.
  8. If it is not a software problem, either motherboard or your better than average PSU.
  9. my video card is actually pretty new, i had an nvidia 9600GT before and for some reason i still have the drivers installed, i dont know if i should remove them. About the apps, i installed a lot of stuff, mostly programs that have to do with music and recording, but nothing else. I had no BIOS update, although i think windows did some kinda update. I even tried a program that shuts dow the computer, but this time it does the same thing but without the blue screen and without restarting, i mean the screen turns off but the pc keeps running.
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