I want to create an isolated etwork using a second router...


I want to add a second router with it's own device address. My reason is that I want to create an additional "isolated" network. My first questions is, will that work. In other words will the computers attached to router one NOT be able to view shared folders on router 2 and vice versa. I have attached a drawing of how he network would be set up. Can anyone tell me how to plug all this in so I get internet and achieve the security previously mentioned. If further information needed please post accordingly.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Assuming you connect router #2 to router #1 WAN to LAN (respectively):

    [router #1](lan)<--wire-->(wan)[router #2]

    ... you will only be able to prevent clients of router #1 from accessing router #2 due to router #2's firewall. Client of router #2 *still* have access to router #1's clients just as they have access to the Internet. IOW, anything upstream from router #2 is fair game.

    In order to isolate each router from the other, you need a third router in a Y configuration (let’s call it “y” just so we don’t get confused):

    [router y](lan)<--wire-->(wan)[router #1]
    [router y](lan)<--wire-->(wan)[router #2]

    Now both router #1 and #2 are completely isolated since each has their respective WAN port’s firewall protecting them.

    Of course, router Y is connected to your cable/dsl modem.
  2. How can I do the same thing with wireless routers and access points? I would like router #2 to have a wireless connection to router y. What about subnets? Can both router #1 and router #2 have a wireless connection with router y?

    Thank you
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