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I have a Dell OEM sound card in my newly built machine. It does not work. The PC does not even recognize the card. It does not appear in device manager either. I can't install any drivers because it says it does not detect the sound card. The sound card is a Creative (SB0460) XtremeMusic. Please help.
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  1. BUMP! Please help.
  2. Thanks guys. Always a helpful bunch.
  3. Go to the creative web site and search for the drivers...
    You can not use windows update to install drivers.
  4. blindmanwithskill said:
    Thanks guys. Always a helpful bunch.

    Patience is a virtue... :lol:
  5. Especially in the realm of computers. But this is frustrating.
  6. Have you disabled the onboard audio on your motherboard.?
  7. I tried that. It didn't help.
  8. Windows sometimes fails to detect the default playback device automatically.. Try doing it manually.. Right click on the volume icon on the task bar and select playback.. Click on speakers and select properties.. If your device is shown listed in the drop down menu then select it and click apply.. Do the same for microphone..

    Alternatively, run dxdiag and click on the sounds tab.. Check if your device is listed.. Run windows update and click on search for updates.. Windows will gather information available on any updates which are available for any of your devices or software.. It'll list drivers regarding your sound card too (if required and/or available)..
  9. Thanks for you helpful reply Emperus. I tried everything you said, to no avail. It is still not detecting it. I am driven to the conclusion that this is a bad sound card. It is about 5 years old. But it also could be the PCI slot, but I do not have another one available due to my 5770 covering up the alternate PCI slot.
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