What should i buy a nvidia quadro fx 1800 or a gtx 470

hi i use autodesk max and maya 2010 ,i am a animator ,i work on very high poly models and very heavy scene's files in maya and animation but the thing is i also play a lot of high end games like gta 4,Arkham Asylum and crysis what shoul i buy a gtx 470 ,gtx 295 or a professional nvidia quaro fx 1800 and does quadro support games i know that quadro support very well maya and max or cad software but does it supports gaming and does gtx 470 will provide better performance than a quadro because of ecc,c++,new achitecture of chip and lot more new features uhh ,i am really confused please help me out to buy a new grphic card , i just want to play games on a workstation graphic card or i just want to work on a gaming card help ,help ,help ??
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  1. If you need CUDA? I think you should ask on the nvidia forums.
  2. hi. will CUDA cores help me in professional Application like Maya , Max or Mud box
  3. Not really. For your apps a fx 1800 will be much faster and more accurate but not for gaming.
  4. really. Faster than a xfx gtx 480 or 470 . And what do you think nvidia will pack quadro fx series with a fermi architecture chip in future .And i heard that the difference between Quadro fx boards and Ge Force is just the firm ware and drivers but the rest is same i mean the Gpu chip is same but with lower clock speed . thanx for reply
  5. Its best for you to get the GTX 4XX.. Its just because a quadro card is not worth mentioning for gaming.. Also, the quadro fx 1800 is a mid range solution and it wont have the bandwidth to handle heavy polygons and texture usage.. Its an area for the upper end quadro's with massive frame buffers.. The only point in getting a quadro is when you are aiming to get into a design firm and need experience working with a quadro card.. Apart from that they have advantages in lower power draws and many features (app dependent) which are locked for the desktop cards.. Bottom line, if you are a full time design professional, get a quadro.. If your field touches games and/or gaming, get the geforce..
  6. Thanx for reply and also thanx for suggestion
  7. Thank you for your question, sunny, and thank for your suggestion, emperus. I am in the same predicament, Sunny please let everyone know what you chose and how feel about it. Just to add in I do know that the 1800 has cuda support per http://www.nvidia.com/content/HelpMeChoose/fx2/HelpMeChoose_quadro.asp
  8. hey buddy , i am still confused what to buy a gtx 470 or a quadro work station card . I am a animator and soon i am going to
    be a 3d game designer and i use Autodesk maya,max,mudbox and all that designing stuff but the problem is i am a hardcore gamer 2 . nower days i am using my old xfx nvidia 8800 gts alpha dog edition but that is not enough for my gaming and neither for my cad work . please share what's on your mind .
  9. hi choose the gtx 470 or better the gtx 285 who is shipper and faster than the bad quadro fx1800 , i use it for maya 2011 and its awesome the viewport 2.0, the quadro fx 1800 is really the badest cards i see in my life, the games are not in good quality and my gtx 285 win against quadro in rendering a scene and video in adobe cs5 suite, so choose the gtx 470
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