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guyz.. i bought an XFX ATI 5850 black edition.. Well i'm thinking about a thermaltake 550w PSU. Is it good enough? or will a Corsair will be much better? I'm asking it cuz a Corsair is hard to get around here. Also will a core i3 bottleneck my card?? please help me with anything.. Thanks
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  1. Which model of Thermaltake 550W PSU?
    Core i3 CPU should be a good match for that video card. Depending on what games you play, and the graphics settings, image quality settings and resolution, it could be the either the GPU or CPU that might be the gaming bottleneck. You shouldn't worry either in any case. Just adjust your settings till you enjoy the game play.
  2. The E8400 is better than the i3, so I'm not too sure about that CPU. Get a nice overclock on it, at least.

    As for your PSU, you'll need one rail over 24a, or two rails rated at 15a each.
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