How do i find if my motherboard is compatible with a card.

I'm thinking of buying a PALIT GTX 460 768MB( and im not sure how to find out if its compatible with my current motherboard and also how to find out if i have enough power for it. My current processor is a intel core 2 Quad Q6600 and my motherboard is an abit ip-35 PRO and my PSU is 550w 30a max.
Many Thanks
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  1. I think you are good. Your motherboard has a pxie-x16 slot which the GTX460 requires.

    It requires a psu of 450w with 24a which yours has.

    It will also require two 6 pin pcie power connectors. If your psu does not have these two connectors, then you will need to use an adapter or two. Some GTX460 brands will include an adapter in the package.
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