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what dual video card type do i need for a M2N68-LA motherboard and 300w power supply
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  1. What is a "dual video card type"?
  2. Just 2 monitors? No gaming?
  3. well i want to setup two monitors for my pc and i have been told i need a dual video card
  4. A simple NVidia GT220/240 would work.
  5. no i wont 2 monitors for gaming amongst other things
  6. thanks i will look into it
  7. Look into the Radeon HD 5670 also. THG Radeon HD 5670 review

  8. does that support dual monitors because that is what i am looking to do for now i just what to setup my 2 monitors
  9. It will be HARD to find a video card that WON'T support 2 monitors.
    Do your monitors have VGA or DVI or HDMI connectors?

    Top to bottom: VGA / HDMI / DVI connectors
  10. Both of my monitors have VGA connectors
  11. something like SAPPHIRE 100287VGAL Radeon HD 5670 $90 would do well. You'd need to get a DVI-VGA adapter as well (some video cards will have one in the accessory pack)
  12. thanks you have been a great help
  13. get a 5770... great bang for your buck
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