Upgrade or replace mobo/cpu?

I've been out of the hardware loop for quite a few years now and i'd like some advice on whether i could get by with upgrading my current processor, or if i should just replace the mobo. This system is for gaming.

So here is my current build (dont laugh):

Abit IB9
Core 2 2.13ghz (no overclock)
4GB DDR2-800
ATI 5870

I just got the 5870 recently to replace my old video card and, while my gaming performance went up noticably, it's still not running recent games so great at anything higher than low detail. I'm almost positive that my old CPU is acting as a huge bottleneck.

I know the Core 2 is horribly outdated, but I dont have much money to spend (maybe a few hundred or so) so my options are to either try just upgrading the CPU to a higher end Core 2 (extreme?), or completely replace the mobo.

So, would a higher end Core 2 noticably relieve the cpu bottleneck? Or are there newer mobo/chipset options that are relatively cheap that easily outperform a Core 2 processor?
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    Ya, you got it right there. Your old CPU can't feed that 5870. Personally, I'd look to see what's the best C2D your current mobo would support. If you can get a 45nm chip I would prolly go with one of those. Not sure how your feelings on OC'n are, but a 3Ghz or greater C2D would be the cheapest way to unlock (most of) the power of the 5870.

    Sure a Core i5/i7/PII x4 setup would be great, but for $118 you can get an E7500 from NewEgg that'll get you most of the power from the 5870. That's way cheaper than replacing the mobo, CPU and RAM.
  2. It's a little troubling that the official Abit IB9 website doesnt have the e7500 specifically in the supported cpu list, but it does list other 45nm processors. I did find a few forum posts from people who said they got it to work with v.14 of the bios so I think i'll go ahead and give that a try.

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