Where do I get drivers for SB Live Value for Vista/7 64-bit?

Hi all,

I've tried googling this with out much success. Basically I've scavenged a SB Live! Value card from an old PC. (CT4760.) So I was going to try to use it in my PC which has Windows Vista (64bit) and Win 7 (64bit). Has anybody had any luck finding any working drivers? (Because so far I've found drivers but none of them actually work.
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  1. That card is pre 2000 my guess is it's no longer supported in any fashion.
    Especially for a 64bit os.
  2. At some point back in 2008 Creative Labs actually posted a 64-bit Beta driver for Windows Vista & 7 for that card but they later removed it altogether. All that's left are broken links to that driver.
  3. davcon said:

    Thanks, this sounds like the best idea so far. I did find some beta 64bit drivers but those didn't work. (I'm thinking the CT4760 is just too old.) Also tried the KX drivers with no success either.)
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